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Loving Father & Husband

David Phillips born to Debra and Micheal Phillips grew up in the city of Rialto. David went to 4 diffrent high schools and finally landed at Eisenhower High in Rialto where he graduated in 1997.

David went to Chaffey JC for 2 semesters then decied to take a semester off. January 2000 David finally re-enrolled in school at SBVC where he decied to presue a degree in Child Development.

David was the VP of local CSEA Chapter 605 in Rancho Cucamonga where he fought against employee abuse and gave every unit member a voice.

After suffering the brunt of the economy in 2010 David was laid off due to budget cuts and was hired to put together and obtain a license for Calvary Chapel Rialto Pre School, and after 9 months of gruling work helped this pre school open for fall enrollment in 2010. David then was asked to hand the regins over to thier current director.

David now is a Niche Marketing professional. Currently advising companies in the areas of Private Security, Personal Protection, Community Policing, Event Planning, Consumer Advocacy, Published Authors, Arts and Non-Profit Organizations.

David ran (created April 20, 2009) Flores Park Neighborhood Watch a Neighborhood Watch group that spaned over 1 mile in radius. David also ran oversaw website, Face book site Flores Park Neighborhood Watch and wrote a blog

David Currently writes the blog for Rialto Now. This blog is used to bring the positive side of Rialto while keeping residents abreast of the going on's in the community.