Were Renaissance High students exposed to ISU student with COVID-19

Students at Renaissance High School, which shares a campus with Idaho State University Meridian, did not come into contact with an ISU-Meridian student who recently tested positive for COVID-19, the school district said Sunday.

The ISU-Meridian student, an Ada County woman in her 50s, attended a conference in New York City in recent weeks, state officials said in a news conference on March 13. After learning that the student may have been exposed to the coronavirus at the conference, where multiple people tested positive for COVID-19, ISU-Meridian closed its campus for cleaning March 13.

The West Ada School District said in a statement the ISU-Meridian student did not come into contact with Renaissance students or other West Ada students who attend a class on the ISU campus.

Central District Health, which is investigating who might be at risk to exposure on the campus, told West Ada officials their students are not at risk.

“(Central District Health) epidemiologists assured us that this individual did not come into contact with ……… Read More Here

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