The Meridian Village Turns Into a Ghost Town

If you are looking to shop for anything more than food or toiletries you will find most retail shopping opportunities have come to a halt. Walking through the Village at Merdian you can tell something is up as the place is a virtual ghost town.

The center of the mall around the fountain still have some activity but nothing like a normal day. The crowd is made up of mostly parents unleashing kids who would normally be in school on the play area.

Some of the restaurants are still open and you can grab some coffee at the Village Coffee Shop and the Movie Theater is still open but outside of that shopping has come to a stand still. Many retail windows have the the same paper that explains the Corona Virus reasons for closing down and that the store is open 24/7 on their website.

The latest store to close up shop for a period of time is the Donut + Dog shop. They announced late yesterday that they would be closed March 18th to March 27th at this time.

One can only hope this economy busting virus moves on and that our economy can recover quickly.

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