Bad Leadership

Central District Health Moves Ada County Back to Stage 3

In a recent move the decision to move Ada County from stage 4 of the reopening from the corona virus shutdown came from Central District Health instead of Gov. Brad Little. The move came after cases in the last week spiked in Downtown Boise Bars.

When we spoke to Gov. Brad Little’s office about the shutdown and the impact this would begin to have on the economy again we were given attitude and Brad Little’s staff deflected any blow back saying that Central Health made the decision on the Gov. It appears that the recall that has started against the Gov. has left him less than excited to have any future shutdowns tied back to his office.

While “Central District Health” was shutting down industries and hurting our economy more Gov. Brad Little was doing a victory lap over cutting red tape when it came to health care providers being able to more easily use Tele Health services in the light of coronas virus concerns. While he is claiming to do something good for Idaho by cutting red tape he is hurting Idaho businesses by allowing Central District Health to act outside of their purview.

Bars must close down by 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to the health district. The rest of the state will continue to remain in Stage 4. It’s unclear how long Ada County will have to remain in Stage 3. Although Central District Health also covers Boise, Elmore, and Valley counties, the restrictions apply only to Ada County right now. Gatherings of more than 50 people will also be prohibited in Ada County. Visitors to longterm care facilities and correctional facilities will be suspended again as well. Holiday celebrations like public fireworks in Boise and Meridian were also canceled. Apparently you can catch the corona virus by being outside in the fresh air watching fireworks.

Another victim of the return to stage 3 is Ada County teens as the planned summer prom at the Village in Meridian was canceled. Many parents voiced their concerns and outrage over yet another end of year opportunity being taken away from their teens over some people’s fear.

Many Idaho residents in Ada County are wondering when they voted for Central Health District Director Russ Duke the culprit behind the latest round of shutdowns.

Ada County Sheriff Steve Bartlett said that he is coordinating with police chiefs around the county to enforce the order. “This is not a decision that gets made lightly and one that we’re going to continue to work through, and hopefully we can get those numbers kicked back down,” the sheriff said. “I’m very hopeful we’ll be able to gain compliance through education.”

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