Bad Leadership

West Ada School Board looses A Board Member

The West Ada School Board is having a hard time dealing with issues that come up and now people are jumping ship. This is a sign to many that dark days are ahead for the states largest school district.

Last week Ed Klopenstien resigned abruptly as the chairman but remained on the board. Now Steve Smylie the boards Vice Chair is quitting all together. West Ada School District was reminded by a single brave parent last week that West Ada is in Idaho and not one of the more liberal state that regularly sees turbulence in the way they handle education.

October has been the month of failures for West Ada:

  • One Group of parents formed a Non Profit and hired a Lawyer.
  • One Group of parents organized a recall effort of all 5 school board members.
  • The Board Chair resigned his seat on the board.
  • The West Ada Education Association organized a “Sick Out” shutting down schools for 2 days.
  • The Idaho Freedom Foundation helped parents start a lawsuit against the WAEA for the “Sick Out”.
  • Steve Smylie abstained from voting on the most recent school board student attendance decision.

Steve Smylie has made a failed attempt in the past to run for superintendent of public instruction in 2006 and was once a State Legislator and son of the late former Gov. Robert E. Smylie. The board vacancy will be addressed at the school board meeting this Tuesday.

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