West Ada School District Picks 7 Candidates for Superintendent

The search to find the state’s largest school district a new superintendent is moving along.

The district on Wednesday named seven candidates that will transition to the interview process beginning next week.

Here is the list of candidates:

  • Derek Bub, West Ada School District in Idaho – Principal of Centennial High School (1,840 students)
  • Dr. Vickie Cartwright, Oshkosh Area School District in Wisconsin – Superintendent of Schools (9,911 students, 23 schools)
  • Bret Heller, West Ada School District in Idaho – Assistant Superintendent of Instruction (38,165 students, 57 schools)
  • Dr. Chris Hines, Conroe Independent School District in Texas – Deputy Superintendent (64,517 students, 60 schools)
  • David Holmes, La Center School District in Washington – Superintendent of Schools (1,715 students, 4 schools)
  • Sam Jarman, Alpine School District in Utah – Superintendent of Schools (78,659 students, 90 schools)
  • Wendy Johnson, Kuna School District in Idaho – Superintendent of Schools (5,000 students, 11 schools)

Two standouts in this process are Centennial High School Principal Derek Bub who is a long standing teacher and administrator that relocated from California and has worked through the pandemic with ease. Derek Bub has also recently finished his doctoral degree so he comes with 2 masters degrees and a doctoral degree.

The other standout is Assistant Superintendent Bert Heller. He has done a good job of getting the ship right while the current superintendent seems to have a dear in a headlights look to her under the last year plus of the pandemic.

On April 9, board members will choose up to four candidates for the position. Those candidates will then participate in two forums (one for the community, and a second for district personnel). The board is expected to announce its new superintendent at its April 27 meeting.

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